Thursday, August 15, 2013

Amazed by his appetite

My sweet boy must be going through a growth spurt.  Moments like this make me anxious about his teenage years. 

Yes, this is a random post, but you're the one spying on me, remember?

This morning, my son decided that he needed to be part of the 5Club and has been up since 5am!  When I put him down for his morning nap, he had a few moments of quiet time in his room.  But then...

I heard "Eat."  While I'm thankful that he is able to communicate that need, I am amazed at how often my child requests food!  Thinking he was just trying to get out of nap time, I ignored the request for a few minutes.  However, when "Eat" was repeated, I gave in and fed him!

This is what gets me - toddler growth spurt moment!  I started by giving him a snack portion of broccoli.  When he finished that, he asked for more (both verbally and with sign language - just in case I did not receive his message clearly!).  One snack led to another and another... by the time he was finished, he had eaten more than I do in a typical meal.  He ate the following:  broccoli, watermelon, graham cracker pieces, chips and salsa (crumbs, not whole chips), and two portions of macaroni and cheese!!

If you were spying on me this morning, you would have been amazed at this big boy appetite, too.  I don't have to worry about leftovers going bad today!

Do little girls eat this much, too? 

Size 5W at 17 months.  How big will these feet be in 5 years? 10?

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