Friday, August 16, 2013

A Moment with Dad

I've started getting up at 5.  It's time for me. Quiet time, writing, reading, blogging, Facebook, breakfast... It changes daily. It is whatever I make it. I've done this for a whopping five days, but I am really enjoying that quiet time in the mornings before the rest of the house wakes up. 

We are traveling this weekend, and my husband asked me if I was still planning on getting up at 5 while visiting family. Yes!  Especially when we visit family!  It may be the only quiet moment all day. 

This morning's moment wasn't quiet, though. Today, I enjoyed a moment with my dad. Many, actually. 

By 5:15, we were both up and in the kitchen.  While he sipped his coffee and I drank my Spark, we chatted.  

My husband and I don't live in the same state as either set of our parents. While we visit each other as often as we can, these moments of quiet, uninterrupted conversation are rare.  Siblings, parents, kids, places to be, work... They can get in the way sometimes. None of these things are bad, but they can distract the time to talk and share stories. 

So, today we talked. We shared about what each of us is learning and writing. We talked about my awesome little boy and all the new and funny things he is doing. We talked about ministry. We simply hung out. 

With so many other "things" going on, it is refreshing to enjoy a moment to just "be."  

I need more of these moments. 


  1. So glad you got to spend this time with your dad! I am currently on vacation with my family (husband, parents, and sister) and the goal is to soak up as many of the opportunities as possible.

    1. It's challenging to have those moments when you don't live near your parents. You definitely have to be intentional about creating them. I hope you enjoyed the family time!!