Sunday, September 1, 2013


I knew rain was in the forecast, and rain clouds were rolling in as we drove to church this morning. However, I was not prepared for the torrential downpour that began 5 minutes before church let out!

Our church campus has three buildings. The main service occurs in a different building than the childcare rooms, and there is about a football field length between the two buildings. Between the walk from one building to the other to the car, we are soaked! 

I tried to snap a few pictures as soon as I got in the car. But without sound and video, I cannot do it justice!!  (Don't worry, my husband is driving, not me!)

Now, 15 minutes later, it has dwindled to mere sprinkles!  Funny how the major downpours usually occur right when I'm changing locations!!

I know this has happened to nearly everyone.  So tell me, what's your best downpour story? 


  1. My most memorable downpour story didn't happen just once - but every single time I visited my husband the first summer we were dating.

    We met in college and lived 3.5 hours apart during breaks. EVERY time I got in the car to visit him it would downpour the whole drive. There was even one gorgeous day that turned into an intense thunder/lightning storm the minute I pulled out of my driveway.

    The visits were absolutely worth it!

    1. Wow!! That is crazy! Totally worth it!