Sunday, September 8, 2013

Discipleship Journal Day 1 - Genesis 12:1-9

We kick off home groups at church this week!  For the next ten months, my church is studying the Patriarchs, both in home groups and in the sermon series.
I like that our church leaders not only encourage us to be in the Word daily but also provide resources and a common reading plan.  I can open up my church's iPhone app and get the daily reading assignment, or I can follow along in this journal.
I used to journal all the time in my quiet time - especially in high school.  Sometime in college, I got away from journaling, and I have missed it.  This is helping me get back in the habit of journaling as I read my Bible. 
This morning - Genesis 12:1-9.  What is amazing to me is that Abram is 75 when God tells him to leave.  He has no children, yet God promises to give him a new land.  He literally tells him to pack up and go.  At 75, Abram began a new and unfamiliar journey into the unknown.
Just knowing my personality, I would probably have asked a few questions. 
Where are you sending me?
What's the best way to get there?
How long will the journey take?
What supplies will be there when I arrive?
What supplies do I need to take with me?
Am I ever coming back here to visit?
You see, those six questions took be about 10 seconds to type.  Genesis 12:4 begins, "So Abram went..."  God told him to go, and he went!  What amazing faith!
If you were spying on me this morning, you'd see day 1 of my journal filled out like this...



  1. And that is why he's called the "Father of our faith!" I'm with you, Sarah, I want the details, give me the specifics, what can I expect, I don't want to walk out there blind... but, he said "The just shall live by faith", not by sight. This is good. Thanks for letting me "spy" on you!

    1. You are so right - not by sight. We aren't meant to have all the details before the journey begins. My son is adopted. If I'd have known all the details before we began (the two failed attempts and other hurdles along the way), I might not have stepped forward in faith. I might have missed out on such a great blessing in my son and my own personal growth that happened along the way! I'm thankful that God doesn't reveal all the details before we step out in faith. Thanks for stopping by, Cheree!

  2. what an amazing way to have everyone in the church connecting on the same has to bring closeness...

    I am visiting you from START! hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

      Yes, I love that we're all covering the same Scripture at the same time. Even the youth from junior high up are studying this!